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Richard Slater photographs both in England and also in many other countries. He has built up an extensive collection of images from all round the world - people, places, events and scenery - which constitutes a wide-ranging and valuable portfolio of ethnic, religious, cultural and social diversity and a study in human and physical geography.

Richard undertakes commercial commissions of many different kinds, sells images from his own library and contributes to the picture library operated by the Royal Geographical Society, of which he is a Fellow.

He's currently immersed in a two year project, in association with the Royal Geographical Society, to portray the incredible diversity of London by photographing its people.

There are some examples of Richard's work on public display at Commissions.

Richard's home base is London, although he's lived in the Far East in the past. He has an Australian wife and three children. His secondary education was in London and Paris and he has a degree from Cambridge University.

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